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Related post: Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 17:34:02 -0400 From: Vraxis Vraxis Subject: Pussyboy Chapter 7Pussyboy, Pt. 7 "My Long Weekend -- The Finale, Part 2" By VraxisThis is the conclusion of my story, "Pussyboy." I do not condone pedophilia in any way, and this is a work of fantasy. CONSENTING ADULTS ONLY. If you like this story, please don't hesitate to write me at I love hearing from my readers! underground lolitas sex portal I have been tremendously forbidden fruit young lolita encouraged and supported by the e-mails I have received from so many of you from around the world, and I most sincerely thank all of you. But all good things must come to an end, including this story. So, without further ado, here's the conclusion of the two-parter finale of "Pussyboy, My Long Weekend" ENJOY!************************** Last time on Pussyboy... I wanted to cum freedom lolita bbs bbs so badly, I was humping the table and moaning like crazy. Suddenly a voice came from across the room."Shut that pussy up! It's too fucking loud in here!"I turned my cum nu de loli ta coated face to the door and saw the Security Guard stripping down, followed by the Latino boy from this afternoon and another dark skinned man behind him. The Guard came up to my ass and smacked it hard."Nasty little bitch," Guard said as he slapped my asscheeks again and again. "Got fucked in your little white pussy. You like that alcorcon de la loli cock and cum in you, don't you, you little white slut? Well you're gonna get a whole lot more tonight, whore. Let's see what this fucking white bitch can really do..."With that he pulled me off the table and pushed me into the sling.And now young chinies lolita model the conclusion... **************************The Guard looked down lolitas 6 14 yr at me menacingly. "Fucking white slut. Fucking cum covered slut. Now ya got three more fuckers ready to slam that little cunt of yours. This one says he did you earlier today," he said pointing over at the Latino teen from earlier in the tearoom."Yeah, remember me puto? Had this big fucking pinga up your hole like a bitch" he smiled, bouncing his huge cock and meaty balls in his tight grip. He nudged his young blatino friend next to him. "Yeah, this little slut's been taking dick all day long!"Guard started to buckle my sweet lola nude models ankles into these cuffs on the chains supporting the sling. I saw Steve and Yoshi heading towards the door behind Sir Black and Daddy. "Please!" I yelled out. "Please take this belt off of me! I want to cum so bad!"Sir Black whispered something in Steve's ear, then Steve and Yoshi walked up to me with a smile on their faces. "Ok babyboy," Steve said. "One thing first, though." He then pulled my arms up and bound them in cuffs that were attached to the top chains of the sling. Realizing what he was doing, I started to whine and whimper."Pleeease Sir!!!! PLEEEESE SIR! LET ME CUM!!!!"Steve finished attaching my wrists while Yoshi moved down to my chastity belt. "That will be up to these men here. Once this is off of you, you can cum if they stimulate ukraine nude lolita nymphet you enough." He finally pulled the belt's downturned tube off of my cock and my dick instantly exploded to its full-length. In fact, csm lolita preteen model I think it had grown a little bit, hard as hell and desperate to ejaculate after its long imprisonment. It was also glistening in a combination of sweat and precum, pointing directly at my head like a desperate torpedo. And I couldn't touch it at all, no matter how much I wanted to jerk my own cock. Yoshi stroked my balls gently once, causing me to cry out from the stimulation, then he and Steve walked out of the room.So young lolita pussy gallery there I was, totally bound in a sling, unable to move my arms or legs, little lola ebony models my cock released but still untouchable, and my cum-dripping asshole completely spread out and defenseless again before three horny men with hard cocks demanding submission.Dark strolled over to the trio standing around my little girls sexy lolitas hole, his arm on Boy's shoulder. Boy was looking at me with a combination of nervousness and desire. Dark had a large grin on his face, and Boy's face was still glistening with the combination of Dark's and Daddy's cum smeared across it."I think you boys deserve a clean slate before you start playin' with Babyboy here" he said, urging Boy forward and down onto his knees before my hole. "Lick it all up, Boy. lolita art no nude Do what your Daddy said and clean up all that nasty cum."With Latino laughing and Guard and Dark urging him on, Boy pussy colettion lolita nude started slurping all the cum out of my asshole. Feeling his tongue washing over my boycunt made me squirm in pleasure. After licking all the jizz on the surface of my hole, Boy started to push his tongue into me to access the stores of lolita models nn pics cum inside me. I moaned as he penetrated me, he started to moan as well as he drank the pent-up cum that started to leak out of me.In the middle of my rimming, I noticed Guard lighting up another of the weird cigarettes and smoking deeply. He offered 6yr old nude lolita it to the other two, who eagerly partook. The Lateeno guy elbowed the Blatino guy next to him and pointed at Boy and me. "God DAMN where do they find these kids? Fucking putos!" Blatino was stroking his meat hard in silence, staring at my busy ass intensely as his nude stockings loli russian chest heaved up with his increasing heavy breath.Then Dark pulled Boy up from my licked up hole. "Alright boy, let's get you showered up and let these fuckers l s lolita studio have some fun." lolis sex stories incest Boy's face was now totally slathered with lolita preteen lolitas bbs cum and he looked at me and smiled. "Thanks...and good luck." Then Dark guided him out of the room leaving me alone with the new trio.Guard laughed as he stroked his lubed-up thick meat. "Sorry bitch, you belong to us now. Ready for a good fucking? Yeah? That fucker Steve freedom lolita ls dreams SOLD you to us, you know that pussy? We bought your little ass and now little lolita hard fucked we're gonna have some fun. But we're gonna warm you up a little bit first. We're gonna have an old fashioned cow poke and you're the cow. Each of us is gonna totally thrash-fuck your bbs cp kds loli lily-white ass as hard as we can for one minute each. That'll tenderize your little white slut pussy for us. Ready bitch?"My face videos de pre lolitas had a tortured expression, driven by the fear of what was about to happen to me and the promise that, should they stimulate me enough, I might eventually get to cum. But I only had a few lolita pussy pics daily seconds to ponder it before Guard strode up to my exposed hole, his nine-inch uncut cock lubed up and rock hard."Let's ride, bitch!" he roared, then slammed himself into sexy 9 yo lolita me. Guard was absolutely pitiless on my hole, punching his dick into my guts faster and harder than anyone had up to that point in the night. Daddy's cock may have been bigger, but Guard's was crueler. Half-way through his fuck stroke he would tilt his pelvis so his cock punched into the upper lining of my boyhole. This top loli bbs girls also had the secret models cute lolitas effect of slamming my prostate, which only drove me crazier in heat. russian lolitta pussy freesite My cock remained hard throughout the first "cow-poke" but I was leaking an incredible amount of pre-cum lolita teen top sites into a puddle on my stomach.After a minute passed, Lateeno cried out "ONE MINUTE" and pulled Guard out. He looked down at my red and swollen boycunt and whistled. "Now THAT's what a pussy should look like!" he laughed before moving aside. Lateeno looked at his friend Blatino and offered him the next fuck. "I've already fucked him once today, you take lolita garden preteen nymphet a ride first."Blatino never took his lolita pre model top eyes off me, but I was drawn to his HUGE cock. He was bigger than Daddy, no doubt. It was a fucking CLUB of a lolita girls young nude cock, blunt, thick and 10 y o lolitapics heavy. This one was going to bbs lolita and preteen tear me up.He came up between my suspended babe lolita 16 age legs and paused. He looked troubled. "I never fuck boy before," he mumbled in broken and heavily accented lola pictures lolita nude English. "I hurt him."Lateeno came up next to him and started speaking in Spanish to him. I didn't know what they were saying, but Lateeno started fingering my hole and pointing at the pool of precum I was collecting on my belly. Blatino nodded, then slowly aimed his fuckstick at my hole. Keeping his ebony loli goth gothic eyes locked on mine, he started pushing himself into me slowly. It was the single biggest cock I've ever had in my entire life."PLEASE! Give me poppers!" I screamed, already hurting with the head of Blatino's cock. Guard laughed then gave me a big hit."Yeah, he's putting the HURT on that little white boypussy, in'he?"Blatino preteen nude lolita links was moving slowly, trying not to hurt me lolita photo sites bbs with his massive girth and length. But shy lolilta clip girls this cock felt like it was grinding my guts out. The poppers were helping, but this was the Dick of Death pumping into my hole. If my hole wasn't already well-fucked, he would have lolita long hair nude ripped me apart. And he was still only a third of the length of his cock into me. "Time!" Lateeno called out, much to my relief. He pulled Blatino out of my suffering hole and then replaced it with his own formidable cock. "Remember me, puto?" he called out as he pushed his entire length into me in one motion.One minute seems so long when you're being fucked so hard. Lateeno had an evil look on his face as he pumped my reddened ass. His meat, slightly familiar from our tearoom fuck earlier in the day, was grinding so deep inside me he was stimulating everything. But it still wasn't enough to make me cum. My whorish moans were driven as much by my denied cock as my punished boyhole."TIME!" Guard called out, then he looked directly at my hole as Lateeno pulled out. "Look at that nasty white boy pussy. This is one fucked up little slut right here!" I felt him stick a finger index of lolita pussy young sluts lolita busty or two into me, but just barely. My hole must have been having difficulty resuming its former tight shape after all the big fuckmeat I just had slamming into me.By this time I was really starting to sweat and my head was swimming. "PLEASE SIR! Please make me cum, sir! Please sir! I wanna cum, sir! Please!"Lateeno was laughing, oblivious to schoolgirl preteen lolita nude my pleas. Blatino just continued to stare at me hyperintently as he preteen model lolita underwear stroked his meat. But Guard started talking to the other two."Listen to this shit, y'all. Got this white pussy beggin for it! Yeah, you gotta train these white boys EARLY! Got ta get those fuckin' white cocksuckers learning how to service a black man!"He turned to me, stroking his meat with a vicious fury. "What you want, white bitch? You wanna cum? topless russian lolitas galleries What's gonna make your little white dick pop, huh? Say what you want, bitch!""I want cock!" I screamed. lolita romanian gymnast girls "I want a cock to asian lolita small girls fuck me!""What KIND of cock, white BITCH?!""I want a BLACK cock, sir! I preteen lolita non nudes want a black cock ukrainian lolita nymphets galleries to fuck me, sir! PLEASE SIR! PLEASE MAKE ME CUM!"Then he pushed his rock-hard black cock into my hole with a heavy SLAP against my butt. "YEAH BITCH! You want that hot fucking black cock to fuck that little white ass of yours! You need that thick black man dick to pump your pussy! Yeah, white pussyboy! 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I was having a really hard time handling Lateeno's cock in my throat, having never before experienced anything quite like his thick meat punching past my gag reflex. I was gagging and spitting a lot, my face was quickly soaked in my own spit. But I was so desperate to cum that I would have taken ANYTHING at that point. I didn't know what Blatino guy was doing, but I heard Steve and Yoshi coming back into the room."Holy shit!" I heard Steve exclaim as Yoshi russian lol little girls quickly grabbed the video camera again and super lolitas vibradores es started filming me again. "Look at you, babyboy! Look at you taking all that DICK!"Of course, my mouth was too full of Lateeno's loli underage preteen nymphet dick to respond. My only response to Steve was another burst of saliva exploding out preteen lolitas img board of my mouth. My spit was in my eyes at this point too, so I could barely see. But I knew that Yoshi had taken up the camera again to kids bikini models lolita film my desecration.I assumed Guard was continuing his assault on my hole. "Yeah, bitch! Feel that pussy twitch when you punch his throat, yo! Got this white boypussy twitchin! Feels good on this black dick!" He paused then I heard him asking "you want new lolita reality bbs this pussy?" before pulling out.Lateeno pulled out of my mouth as well. "You gotta watch this shit!" he said to Steve and Yoshi. "Watch how this little slut takes this big fucking dick!"Blatino had come up between my legs with a look of deadly seriousness. He gestured to the others to remove my restraints. Yoshi however took the step of grabbing my arms and then handcuffing them behind my back as I was being released from the sling. "No touching!" he said smiling. I was starting to hate Yoshi for denying me the least little bit of pleasure. Steve made sure I got an extra long hit of poppers too before Blatino ordered them all to move aside.He lifted me out of the sling in one fluid movement and carried me to this strange piece of furniture that looked like a pommel horse from my school's gym. He stood me up on a small footstool next child model lolita young to it and spun me around, pushing loli preteen r ygold my upper body down to lie flat against naked russian lolitas bbs the carpeted top of the pommel horse. "Dirty boy!" he said softly, then I felt young lolita tgp his mammoth cock pushing into my wet and slimy hole. His timidity from the first time he fucked me had disappeared and this was clearly a man who wanted to fuck me senseless.Inch after thick inch pushed into my red and swollen boycunt. With my hands cuffed behind my back, I felt like a prisoner to his urges, completely defenseless. His cock was so lolita bbs nude pics fucking big, underage lolitas fucking k-9 my hole stretched to its absolute limits. I was in between moaning and screaming, my asshole on fire with this huge black fuckstick in me.Yoshi and Steve had come up next to us with the cameras. The rest of the group had formed a circle watching us. Son was sucking his Daddy's cock again, and Sir Black was steadily moving closer to me and Blatino. "Yeah, fill that fucking white pussyboy up!" Sir Black yelled out. "Time to fuck that little pussy apart!"Blatino was certainly doing his little ladies lolitas pthc best to do that! His fuckclub was pushing into me deeper, harder, and faster with every passing second. I heard Steve whistling as the thick meat punched into me."Babyboy, I've never seen preteen lolita modelling bikinis your hole stretched this tight. You're ukraine preteen lolita galleries absolutely fucking WATERTIGHT, babyboy."My cock had lost its erection from the fuck I was getting, but it was rapidly regaining its hardness as I became accustomed to the huge meat claiming me. My cock dripped precum everytime that big meat pushed into me. As his fuckpace increased, my droplets fell just as quickly."Fuck pussy...fuck pussy...fuckpussy" Blatino chanted in his low rumble as I started to moan constantly and babble incoherently. My ass was so completely filled, my hole so stretched, my mind so overcome by the myriad of sensations that I reverted to an animal state, driven only by my lusts and my need to ejaculate. My eyes had rolled up into my head and my mouth was now agape and making lustful Noises."GodDAMN, boy, you're getting that ass worked over aren't you?" said Sir Black, jacking his cock fiercely at the action. "Get that dick, boy! Get that pussy FUCKED!"Blatino had increased the speed of his fuck as he bottomed out in my hole. He was now slamming the entire length of his huge cock into me faster and faster. My cock was now shooting little strings of precum with each full stroke, starting to spray out of my cock and soak the side ls mgazine model lolita of the pummel horse."Fuck baby, you've got so much juice in those sweet balls!" Steve cried out as he reached up to fondle my tightly drawn testicles. "Your dick can't even hold it back anymore." They hurt when mania blue links loli he touched them, so full of cum and so lolita underage porn vids abused by the slapping of Blatino's big nuts. He held his hand out in front of my spurting dick to catch a handful of my own juices, then smeared the handful onto my moaning face.Blatino's cock was so fucking hard, I'd never felt so much cock inside me, never felt such a powerful sensation so deeply in my body. Suddenly, he pushed himself all the way inside me, then lifted my entire body up off of the pommel horse and moved me, cock spurting and face in shock, around in mid air and down onto the floor. His lolita art photos russian cock never left my hole and once I was on the ground, face on the floor and ass up and prone in the air, he resumed his ruthless fucking of my ass. He pinned my shoulders with his massive hands and started to move his cock into even more strange and wonderful angles inside me. My cock never stopped spurting and a new puddle had formed onto the carpet. All of the other men in the room, even Daddy and Boy, drew into a circle around me and watched Blatino resume his work, cheering him on and preteen lolita portal nude jerking their own cocks at the show.He only young teen loli vids pumped me that way for a few minutes before lolita photos and tgp he spun me around, his cock still buried in me, onto my back. He lifted up my hips and legs into the air, so that my cock was now suspended above my face and he assumed a standing position, pushing his cock straight down into me. My cock spurts began pedo porn lolita sex to spray onto my own face and chest, coating my face swiftly with my own desperate fluids.Blatino was fucking me harder and harder, punishing me beyond my own limits. He looked down at me with those hard eyes and continued to chant "cum..cum..cum..cum" By this time, I was completely soaked with my own precum and was starting to feel lolitas young sluts angel my entire body lolita models top penetration tremble.Finally, amazingly, my orgasm had finally arrived. My pre-cum cock spurts stopped for a second or two, then were replaced lolita top pay portal by thick white spurts of cum. I was covering myself with cum, it just wouldn't stop. Just as before, the cum spurted out in time with Blatino's own deep penetrations, but now my ass was spasming uncontrollably around his thick fuckstick. This put him over the edge as he howled loudly and chhild lolita fashions galleries pulled his cock out of my hole just long enough to splash a huge cumshot all over my ass, then another huge splash onto my own face, then slammed his meat into my still spasming hole to finish his massive load extreme teen lolita photos top lolita xxx bbs deep inside me.And still my home lolitas nude bbs ass was twitching uncontrollably. I was absolutely covered in cum, and the men assembled around me were all pounding their meat furiously. Guard quickly moved to where Blatino was pulling out his cock and swiftly took his place, sticking his fucker into me with tiny preteen lollita smile scarcely a few seconds pause in between. My moaning and twitching continued as Guard started to pump his horny cock into me."Fuck, this bitch is still cummin! This hole's twitching girls lolitas puberty models like a fucking whore! I'm about to cum in this bitch! FUCK!" Seconds later, my hole was filled with another thick load of black man's cum. Amazingly, I was still feeling the orgasmic sensation. It was as if the long delayed pleasure was now taking its time leaving me, stretching my orgasm over minutes."Let's all cum in this pussy!" Lateeno said, moving up beside Guard and replacing him in my hole. "FUCK! This bitch's hole is HOT! Fuck! So fucking slimy!" His dick was hitting me in nearly bbs best lol post the same spot as Blatino's cock did, forcing my cock back to full erection and causing me to moan again madly as I humped my hips again in time with his fuck. In short order, Lateeno was pushing his dick deep into me and shooting his cumload inside.Daddy was next, pulling his dick out of his son's mouth before pushing it into me. He pumped me hard and fast, making me scream out, but he pulled his dick out at preteen russian hardcore lolita the last moment and pushed his cum-coated dick back into his son's mouth to cum down his throat. Dark had taken Daddy's place, but little russian lolita pix only for a few seconds before he too came inside my sweaty and cummy ass.Sir Black then came up to bat, and he had a mission. "I'm gonna make your little dick cum again, you little white slut. Taking all this black cock...fucking slut..." His cock was rock hard and punching it into my boycunt as quickly as he could. My screams had reached a fevered pitch and Sir Black grabbed Son by the head. "Suck this bitch's dick!" he ordered, and Son straddled my face before taking my leaking cock into his mouth. Feeling direct sensation on my cock drove me crazy, and my ass started to spasm again."Yeah, bitch, you ready to pop again, aren't you? Cum with my dick in you, white slut. Cum with my dick in you!" naked little lolitas tgp In a few more minutes, he got his wish. I sprayed the insides of Son's mouth with my second cumshot of the night, causing his own dick to spray onto my chest. My asshole clenched down hard onto Sir Black's cock, just in time to squeeze out Sir Black's hot jizzload into my feverish boyhole. At illegal russian lolita pics the same time, both Steve and Yoshi (on either side of my head) both sprayed their own loads onto my already cumcoated face.Yoshi had nearly dropped the camera as he came, but he quickly recovered. "Let so young naked lolita him down," he said to Sir Black, who lowered me onto the floor. My hands were still cuffed behind my back, but truth is, I couldn't feel anything anymore. Yoshi slowly panned across my cum-covered body, zooming in on my blotted face and then slowly down to my red, swollen and exhausted asshole.After that huge fucking, I was basically insensate. After Yoshi finished filming me, I was picked up, uncuffed, and led to another room that filled with showers. I could feel the cum oozing out of my hole and down my legs as I walked out.To be honest, the rest of the night was a bit of a blur. I remember being showered by someone, but then I was fucked again in my lolita world model the shower room. I don't remember who it was. Then I remember a little bit of an argument, and then Steve and ukranian lolitas crazy holiday Yoshi quickly pulling me out of the building and into Dark's car to drive home.I think I passed out in the car, because the next thing I knew I was waking up the next morning and Steve and Yoshi were cleaning up my house."I think we've removed all the traces!" Steve said brightly as I looked up with bleary eyes. My ass was incredibly sore and my head was blasted, but at least I wasn't getting gangfucked anymore. "Feeling ok?" he asked, seeing my expression.I turned towards the bathroom. "I don't want any more sex..."Steve laughed. "That's OK. I think you've gotten enough to satisfy you for a good long while."After peeing, I returned to my bedroom and Yoshi came into the room with his big black bag over lolitas kids non nude his shoulder. "You were amazing. I've got so much good video. Thanks! You're going to be a lolitas pix top list big star!" Both Yoshi and Steve came up and kissed me, then they left together.I walked to the kitchen to get something to eat. There was some leftover pizza that fueled me up a little and eased my headache a little. I went back to my room and saw russian mafia porno lolita a little box with a bow on top. I opened it and found a new bottle of poppers and the vibrator Yoshi had used on me the day before, plus a couple of nasty magazines filled with sex pictures. There was also a little note that read:"Babyboy, you were SO sexy! Thanks for the great weekend! dark collection lolita photos Enjoy these toys. See you soon! - Steve"I hid the box in my closet and went back to sleep until my family returned a few hours later. My mom smiled at me when I came back, but was a little concerned that I couldn't sit comfortably for a few days.((THE END)) ************************** What did you think? I love hearing from my readers! Let me know what you think at Much love! See you next in lolita underage nude nymphet the next chapter of The Chronicles of T-Rex!
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